Financial auditing

In order to examine financial status, RSM Gassó uses an effective method, based on applying auditing procedures standardized in accordance with technological innovation, which allows us to determine the depth of the evidence and to verify the accounting records.

The methodology that RSM Gassó uses for any auditing process includes the following phases:

FAMILIARIZATION WITH THE COMPANY: One of the major phases is familiarization with the economic sector in which the client operates, and their specific characteristics.

DESCRIPTION, INTERNAL CONTROL SYSTEM ASSESMENT AND RISK EVALUATION: In order to determine the scope of evidence and to select the most appropriate procedures to use.

ANALYTICAL REVIEW: In-depth analysis that is used to determine the most appropriate focus of the review techniques.

EXAMINATION OF FINANCIAL STATUS: Complying with generally accepted auditing regulations and procedures, completed by those who believe it is necessary under the circumstances. The auditing services that are focused on risk analysis allow us to offer added value in providing the following services:

  • Regularity auditing
  • Limited review
  • Expert auditing
  • Certification of specific facts
  • Economic financial diagnostics

Performance audits

RSM Gassó offers an extensive range of services to advise companies on how to create more value for their business.

The new regulation has had an enormous impact on Spanish companies, which now realize that they have to comply with new processes within their traditional procedures. Therefore, RSM Gassó is advising Spanish businesses to face these challenges and to define strategies, with the objective of improving their tangible and intangible results.

RSM Gassó offers a variety of services supported by international methodologies that have been successfully proven throughout the world in different areas:

  • Internal auditing and audit commitees
  • Risk evaluation and internal control
  • System analysis, processes and circuits
  • Codes on good corporate governance
  • Corporate social responsibility

Services related to the establishment of international accounting regulations / international financial information regulations

The International Accounting Regulations and the International Financial Information Regulations are regulations geared toward the investor, with the objective of reflecting the economic essence of business transactions, and to present a faithful image of the financial situation of a company. Therefore, the process to adapt to International Accounting Regulations is not merely a question of renaming the financial status of a group of companies. The final objective is to obtain greater transparency; therefore, the company will supply more information.

RSM Gassó thus provides its clients with a team of professionals, formed by experts in International Accounting Regulations, in accounting principles and practices that are generally accepted in the United States and in accordance with Spanish accounting regulations, and with experience in important adaptation projects.

The main aspects that determine the method used by RSM Gassó includes the following phases: Analysis, Adaptation Process, and Follow-Up. Likewise we offer the following related services:

  • General informational conferences
  • Analysis and evaluation of the application of the international accounting regulations/international financial information regulations to the company´s annual accounts
  • Advice on implementing the regulations
  • Detailed periodical information on changes to the international accounting regulations/international financial information regulations
  • Specific training courses

Other financial accounting services

In a world that is constantly evolving, marked by multiple financial transactions and continuous changes to accounting regulations, RSM Gassó offers the necessary accounting advice in order to update your financial status in accordance with governing accounting regulations. In connection with these aspects, we offer the following services applicable to the following aspects: :

  • Consolidation of balances
  • Technical accounting assistance